White Membrane Roofing in Englewood

A roofing material is only as good as its ability to stand up under harsh weather conditions and provide superior product performance over time. White membrane roofing, or EPDM rubber roofing has a proven track record as one of the most and eco-friendly, cost effective and practical roofing options for commercial locations that offers long lasting durability. A an experienced roofing contractor in Englewood Just Roofing LLC is a certified installer of environmentally sustainable white EPDM roofing systems that offer many advantages that include:

Superior flexibility - Unlike other roofing materials, EPDM rubber roofing stands up exceedingly well to extreme temperature fluctuations and remains structurally secure and stable during expansion and contraction.

Proven resistance to hail and other extreme weather conditions – White membrane roofing is completely waterproof and can withstand very hot or cold temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Resists abrasion – An EPDM rubber roof coating is highly impact resistance even with extensive foot traffic.

Reflects UV Rays - Just Roofing LLC white rubber roofing material deflects UV radiation away from your commercial location in Englewood reducing your CO2 emissions and keeping your building cooler.

White Membrane Roofing Installation

Licensed and insured Just Roofing LLC roof specialist install single ply white roofing membranes in sheets or rolled rubber roofing material that is made up of a composite of highly durable advanced technology materials. Choose from several options of prefabricated rubber roof membranes that are customized to the specific structural components of your existing roof system in Englewood. EPDM Installation is smooth and straightforward requiring no special equipment or heat application methods and is either mechanically fastened or fully adhered to your existing roof by our skilled roofing professionals.

White Membrane Roof Lifespan

According to studies published by the EPDM Roofing Association, when installed by an experienced roofing contractor, EPDM roofing systems can achieve an extended lifespan with very little minimal maintenance. The study also revealed that the EPDM roofing materials were still maintaining a high quality product performance at a service life of more than 30 years.

EPDM Roof Maintenance and Roof Restoration

When it is time to replace a roofing system, the traditional procedure was to tear down the old roofing system thus raising installation costs and adding to the overflowing landfill problems that began to occur at an alarming rate. As consumer environmental awareness began to grow, the roofing industry had to adapt and find more sustainable methods for roof installation. In addition to providing the best of advanced roofing technology, EPDM was also an eco-friendly alternative to more traditional roofing systems since a rubber roof coating could be applied over an existing roof without compromising on roof quality or product performance . Just Roofing LLC is proudly committed to offering premium quality white roofing membrane systems that not only conform to Englewood building codes and energy saving initiatives, but are customized to the specific requirements and energy saving goals of our clients and local community.

Consult with our knowledgeable staff to schedule a free white membrane roofing estimate and for answers to any questions you may have about EPDM roofing.